Quotes I started to hear about Jimi when I got into the local music scene up here a few years ago. Last nite after seeing he and his band play several times before, I got to share a stage with him. It was a true honor. House of Lords was beyond excellent. Jimi's performance was nothing less than stunning. An absolute animal on the guitar with boundless energy and blinding speed the likes of which I've never seen with the exception of maybe Michael Batio. I think the best part for me personally was the sound check where I got to talk shop with him about playing. A pure gentleman in every sense of the word. I don't post this to schmooze or stroke. It is simply from one guitar player to another in deepest appreciation for having us on. Thank you Jimi and to the guys for giving us the opportunity and see Quotes
Gregg Livesay‎

Quotes We are very happy and stoked to have JIMI BELL as a KickAss Cables Endorsee! Quotes
Jack Hamaker
CEO, KickAssCables.com

Quotes "Jimi Bell" is the consummate story teller, very down to earth and a pleasure to have on the show as both a guest and a co-host. As we'd say here in the UK, a totally down to earth bloke!" Quotes
Dan Mann
Host of Rockposer's Roulette Radio Show!

Quotes Ms. Terry Lane of TDLmusicgroup.com has been refreshingly honest and reliable. She always goes beyond the call of duty and never loses her sense of excitement for a project, despite the many challenges faced. I will always recommend her to anyone who needs website design and creativity. The new JimiBellMusic.com was done in record time with exacting detail. Bigs thanks to Terry! Quotes

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