MOST WANTED was band that Jimi Bell and myself (Mark Franco) started in 1988. In between Joined Forces with Mark Diamond, JF Mach II, with Livio Gravini.  I just came back to Ct from Los Angeles and Jimi just came back to Ct. from England, so we said to each other 'dude lets rock again'.  I recruited drummer and my partner in crime Mike Makres from 'Annie' a band that we we both played in and got in a bit of trouble together ... the M n' M boys, and this hot new Singer Hal Jarvis from the Windsor CT area.
Most Wanted Band Members:
  • Jimi Bell 
  • Mark Franco 
  • JF Mach II 
  • Livio Gravini 
  • Hal Jarvis
by Most Wanted Band 1991
'LIES' - by Most Wanted
World Premier @ Bridges Cafe' 1988
'INTRO.m2t  - Most Wanted
@ Alley Cat 24-Feb-1989