JAMES CHRISTIAN (House Of Lords) ... Hi Everyboday, OK, today is a great day!!!!!! I just sent the final Mixes to the Mastering Lab. "Precious Metal" is officially DONE!!
This was not a stressful CD to record, the only real stress I had was hoping that the next song would come out as good as the previous one. I gotta give my band big-time credit. The boys turned in some great tracks. Stellar performances by all of them. The CD is a high energy jolt to the system. I have been informed by our record company that the release date will be February 21st 2014 in Europe and February 24th 2014 in the USA.  Very soon there will be an EPK released to the media as well as youtube and Facebook. I will also be posting the new Album Cover as soon as I get the OK from the record Company.
Jimi Bell Guitar - 22 fret, Rosewood!
Jimi Bell signature 2, WE made some changes per Jimi's request. 22 fret, Rosewood fretboard, Pearl White, Mirror pickguard, Skull Inlays,and the EMG 81-85 PICKUPS will be chrome, we just didn't have a set here, This bad boy was shipped!

News from Kivel Records and MRF3: "So there has been a bunch of chit chat as of late with new releases, shows surprise performances etc. So how about we tie all of this together. How you ask? How about this.....Below is a link to view the new single/Video for Maxx Explosion "Devil's Locomotive". What makes this better is, the bands new album "Forever" (Kivel Records) is now in stock and ready to ship to all customers. So head on over to www.kivelrecords.com and get aboard the Devil's Locomotive with Maxx Explosion. So New band - CHECK. New album - CHECK! New Video- CHECK!! What's missing? How about Chris, Jimi and BJ - Maxx Explosion help close down Arlington Heights, IL at MRF3 next week! The band has agreed to a only area surprise performance Sun night, performing tunes from the bands debut album. So this fall, the USA's premier Melodic Rock Festival just got a lil bit louder. Maxx Explosion CD, two different shirt designs, and a 18x24 Devils Locomotive poster will all be on sale at MRF3 next week. Tickets at: www.melodicrockfest.com.
House Of Lords are appearing at next year's HRH AOR:  www.hrhaor.com
from 20th-23rd March 2014 Hafan Y Mor, North Wales.
To buy tickets go to www.hrhaor.com
or ring 0203 287 6684

http://www.hrhaor.com/news.html @ HRH AOR 2 announces Robin Beck, House of Lords, Dynazty,
La Paz, Bonafide & Coldspell & more great acts.
Published: Tuesday, 08 October 2013!

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