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Feb 16, 2017 - HARLEQUIN

- From the album SAINT OF THE LOST SOULS.

Feb 20, 2017 -  OCENAS DIVIDE
House Of Lords  (Official Audio)
Jimi Bell playing A little country swing style on my Gretsch guitar! Sat.27.Aug.2016
House of Lords - 'Go To Hell'
(Official / 2015)
House of Lords - 'Precious Metal'
(Official / New Album / 2014)
House of Lords - 'Battle'
(Official / 2014)
House Of Lords 'Someday When'
(Official Video)
Maxx Explosion - 'Devil's Locomotive' Forever CD | 21-Sep-13
Can't Stop Falling in Love
Maxx Explosion
Maxx Explosion 'FAMOUS' from the album FOREVER
Maxx Explosion on tour Live in Dortmund, Germany 
DIAMONDBACK (cover) Sweet Child of Mine / Highway Star @Hungry Tiger Block Party, 06.May.2015

Jimi Bell with Diamondback performing

"Speed Freak"  2014

Jimi Bell (guitar) with Geezer Butler (bass) and Carl Sentance (vocals) performing the original version of "Computer God"  in 1987 which later ended up on the 1992 Black Sabbath Dehumanizer album with Ronnie James Dio on vocals.

Original demo of Master of Insanity that was written by me and Geezer Butler back in 1987 !! Carl Sentance did the vocals and melodies. Llater appeared on Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer Cd with Ronnie Dio singing it (such an honor) The track was barley altered from the original demo!!

House of Lords
- Indestructible EPK
Arc Angel  - 'Harlequins of Light'  (Official) Aug-2013

Homegrown Talent Exposed

w/Jimi Bell 28-Dec2013


Jimi Bell (House of Lords) Guitar Solo (Rockpalast Bochum
Jimi Bell Guitar Solo with MAXX EXPLOSION  @ Allstars Sports Bar & Grill in Manchester, CT. Video by Mike Smolack.
MAXX EXPLOSION - Can't Find My Way Home @ All Stars Cafe, Manchester CT
Video by Mike Smolack.
House Of Lords - "Sahara" [HD]
(Madrid 14-03-2014)
Joined Forces 2000 Reunion
@ Arch Street Tavern, Hartford CT
Eran Troy Danner and Jimi Bell Brass
and Blues Concert
/Palace Theater / Waterbury CT

JIMI BELL ...  Just having fun after a lesson.

13-Oct- 2007

JOINED FORCES reunion gig at GERALDINES BAR in West Springfield MA April 2011.  SHY IN LOVE w/ LIVIO singer, JIMI BELL guitar, MARK FRANCO bass, JOEY APARO drums
Joined Forces
- Cry Baby Cry

Jimi Bell Shreddin @ Maximum Capacity 28-Sep-13
JIMI BELL Shredtastic Guitar Solo
with MAX EXPLOSION May 2013
House Of Lords  @ Maximum Capacity
House Of Lords - Can't Find My Way Home
 'Live' MRF3 |
Back In Black with Jimi Bell
'Bad Boy Boogie'

House Of Lords - 'Pleasure Palace'

MRF3 | 29-Sep-13

Jimi Bell
- Light of Day Movie
House of Lords "Rock Bottom"
Live @ Rocklahoma 7-10-08
House of Lords in Connecticut September 2006. Talkin 'bout Love
Opening night at Bridges Cafe' 1988 Ok i'm not sure how many of u know this but, me.... Mark Franco and the Belldozer were once in this kik ass fucking Ct rock band called 'MOST WANTED'. this this band was between Joined Forces with Mark Diamond and JF Mach II. The year was 1988 ...we may have been ahead of our time looking back at this. i never saw this vid till, well... now. I have the full night. On vocals was the incredibly gifted and totally insane Hal Jarvis. On the drums was non other than new havens own, Mike Makres, a freeking monster player! Still one of my all time favorite drummers and peeps. i luv that dude like a brother... we got's history if u can feel me. i remember my moms had 'most wanted' key chains made up..wish i still had mine...yup my moms rocked! hope u enjoy....peace
Thunderhead - 'Behind the 8-Ball' Live Ludwigsburg - 1999
Geezer Butler Band with Jimi Bell - Guitar 1987
Rob Rock and Jimi Bell,
band Diamoodback.
Joined Forces - Love Reaction
 [Hard Rock - USA '86] Audio
Joined Forces & Joan Jett
 'Light of Day
Joined Forces ~ Moon Child Recorded at The Sting in New Britain in 1992
Joined Forces Live at the
Agora Ballroom 1986
Joined Forces - Johnny's On The Bad Side
(Jimi Bell On Guitar)  Audio Only

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